How Metal Roofing Is Environmentally Friendly

how metal roofing is environmentally friendly

Metal roofs used to be the thing of sheds, barns, or industrial buildings. Now, even the nation’s higher-end luxury homes and prime commercial real estate buildings are designed with metal roofs. In addition to their stylish, customizable, and contemporary look, metal roofs are one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials on the market.

What Makes Metal Roofing Environmentally Friendly?

There are multiple reasons why metal roofs are becoming the green building roof of choice. Some of the most notable factors include:

Their green carbon footprint

The vast majority of metal roofs are manufactured using post-consumer metal scraps, which means they begin their life as an eco-friendly, recycled product. Then, at the end of their life, they can be recycled all over again – melted down to become something else. The same cannot be said of virtually any other roofing product. Yes, you can technically re-use roofing tiles, but the reality is the majority of scrapped tile roofs are just that – scrapped into landfills. According to the EPA, there are approximately 11 tons of asphalt shingles dumped into landfills each year.

Also, a metal roof’s zero-to low-maintenance attributes, combined with a long lifespan (more on these features below), further increase its green carbon footprint. It requires fewer repairs, and fewer roof replacements, through the course of the home’s lifetime.

Metal roofs increase a home’s energy efficiency

A professionally installed metal roof, combined with Energy Star’s recommended home insulation R-Values, will notably increase your home’s total energy efficiency. In addition to reducing solar heat gain, which minimizes energy-consumptive cooling costs, you’ll also notice increased whole-home comfort.

Currently, experts see an average decrease of around 20% in interior cooling costs once a metal roof is installed. These savings can be even higher if your home has south-west exposure or doesn’t benefit from perimeter shade cover.

Whole-home energy efficiency is additionally enhanced because a metal roof’s durable nature means there is virtually no way that cracks, pest damage, or other contributors to leaky roofs will compromise the roof over the years.

Make the neighborhood cooler via the urban heat island effect

One of the most exciting things about metal roofs is that, collectively, they reduce the urban heat island effect. The cumulative impact of asphalt shingles, which absorb heat and radiate it back into the surrounding airspace – combined with the heat absorption associated with asphalt and concrete, heats up entire urban neighborhoods and larger geographic regions.

The effect of cool, metal roofs – which reflect the sun’s rays into the atmosphere and out of the air space – are measurable via a neighborhood’s lower, average temperatures during the warm season months.

Accordingly to Berkeley Labs, the more metal roofs installed in a community, the more the community benefits from:

  • Cooler outside air
  • Better air quality
  • Fewer plant emissions
  • Reduced electrical grid strains
  • Slowed climate change

So, by installing a cool metal roof, you’re making an environmentally friendly choice for both yourself and your local community.

Unrivaled durability and longevity

We mentioned above that part of a metal roof’s reduced carbon footprint is linked to its durability and longevity, which diminishes the need for repairs and part replacement. While metal roofs do require annual maintenance, it is minimal compared with asphalt tile or shingle counterparts.

A well-maintained metal roof will easily last for 40- to 50-years and has the warranty to prove it. Plus, metal roofs’ inherent durability means they’re able to withstand the environmental and elemental stresses that more quickly compromise alternative roofing choices, such as extreme wind, hail, snow, ice, falling debris, or pests.

Metal roofing can be customized to match your architecture

There is nothing industrial about metal roofing anymore. Today’s metal roofs are sculpted into a range of architectural styles and are offered in a variety of colors. We consider this to be an environmentally-friendly bonus since it enhances the aesthetics of the world around you.

So, Is Metal Roofing Right For You?

Ensuring your roofing contractor is licensed, experienced, and has a good reputation is the key to ensuring your home’s metal roof lives up to its eco-friendly promise. Contact Dr. Remodel Roofing & Construction to schedule a consultation and learn more about metal roofs and their benefits.