Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are key players in an effective roofing system. Dr. Remodel is a licensed, Little Elm roofing contractor that installs high-quality gutters and downspouts. We perform roof installation, repairs, and maintenance, keeping your roof free of water accumulation that leads to expensive structural damage.

The structural components of any building – including the roofing system – are interconnected, and they rely on one another to do their respective jobs. This is certainly the case for your residential or commercial roof, which relies on gutter and downspout systems to move water away from the roofing surface and into drainage systems to prevent water damage.

Dr. Remodel is a locally-owned, Little Elm contractor providing roof repairs and replacements, including the repair and replacement of residential or commercial gutters and downspouts. These integral components of watershedding are often the most overlooked members of a roof, and yet failure to maintain, repair or replace them – not to mention design, size and install gutters/spouts correctly – notably decreases a roofing system’s function.

The Dr. Remodel roofing crew have spent the past 20+ years designing, installing and maintaining high-quality roofing systems for home and business owners in Little Elm and the surrounding communities. We hate to see damaged roofs or major leaks caused by poorly-functioning gutters and downspouts.

Contact us or give us a call – (469) 379-2504 – to schedule an inspection of your roof and gutter system or to design an efficient gutter and downspout system for a new construction project. We’re proud of our 5-star ratings on HomeAdvisor and look forward to reading your positive reviews of our customer-centric work ethic when you benefit from our quality workmanship and attention to customer-satisfaction.

Importance of Gutters & Downspouts for Little Elm Homes & Businesses

The difference between well design and installed gutters and downspouts, and poor imitations, can create a nuisance and then a downright disaster.

The nuisance takes place in the form of trickles or full-blown sheets of water that you and others have to pass through during rainy season to enter or exit the building; the downright disasters take place when penetrations and pooling water on the roof lead to largescale leaks and structural water damage.

As licensed roofing contractors who care about our customer experience and job well done, we put great care into designing and installing gutter and downspouts that:

  • Are sized adequately to collect and drain the watershed from  the building’s roof
  • Were designed to complement the building’s architecture
  • Drain water down and away from roof and building as per architectural recommendations
  • Protects the foundation as well as the roof by moving water well away from the building
  • Are made from high-quality products with long warranties and life expectancies

Don’t let inadequately sized, manufactured or poorly installed gutters and spouts put your roof and home at risk during peak rainy season. Trust the job to Dr. Remodel and we’ll install and maintain a gutter system that meets and exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty and projected lifetime.

Are Your Maintaining Your Gutters as You Should?

That last part – installing gutters that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s projections – relies on a home or business owner maintaining gutters and spouts as per industry recommendations. Gutters and downspouts must be cleared and flushed of debris on a regular basis to prevent blockages.

Once we’ve repaired or replaced your gutters, the Dr. Remodel team will leave you with easy-to-follow maintenance instructions. The large majority of gutter and spout maintenance is DIY-friendly unless you live have a multi-story building or a roof with steep pitches, in which case we’re happy to provide roof maintenance for you.

Not the DIY-type? Feel free to give us a call to schedule bi-annual gutter maintenance and cleaning and consider it part of your investment in maintaining a long-lived roof system – and a leak-free home!

Contact Dr. Remodel for Gutter Repair, Maintenance or Replacement

Ready to replace, repair or clean out your gutters and downspouts?

Contact Dr. Remodel Roofing and Construction or give us a call at (469) 379-2504. We’ll come out and inspect your roof, gutters, and spouts for free and provide an itemized invoice for recommended services. Our prices are always competitive and are backed by our superior commitment to customer service.